Blind date tragedy… of the Commons.

The pre-amble to this blind date is bizarre enough. I should have known what to expect really. A friendly rotund woman walks up to me in the office, asks if I’m single, and asks if I’d be interested in going on a lunch date with someone. Sure, I say – I’m putting myself out there and trying things right? Sure a little absurd, we are after all, all adults here, but whatever. I play along with it. Starts to feel a lot stranger when she creeps up behind my desk, shocks me to my VERY CORE, and whispers that the date is set up on Friday, to meet the “blind date” at 12 by the elevators… Riiiiiiight, ok.

Friday rolls around, and following yet another reminder from said lady (I got it, thanks) I show up at 12:03 to the elevator bank and there’s this african american guy with long dreadlocks walking up too – now I’m not superficial or anything, but that’s already a fail. Dreadlocks… hmmm, not my speed.

Anyway I smile, we shake hands, then we head outside – I say I’d love to go somewhere where we can sit outside and enjoy being in the sun, because it seems he hasn’t made any reservations. So he says ok, let’s go grab food and then can find somewhere to sit outside. I say whatever, I’m pretty easy, any kind of food is fine.

So he leads me into Macy’s – I ask oooh is there a nice rooftop restaurant here? He says no, but there’s a place we can grab food and go back down. I see signs for a nnice-ish looking restaurnat called Stella and I ask, “here?” with a hopeful gleam in my eyes. He says no, and points instead to the Au Bon Pain name on the 8th floor sign. Ok, that’s cool, it’s only lunch… quick and easy.

We go and end up sitting there to eat – I just can’t be bothered to go out, it’s not that big a deal you know? so we sit and chat. First impressions – he’s a clever guy, seems kind of interesting, but when he whips out his phone to show me photos of him “modelling”, interspersed with photos of him holding his pet chinchilla (of which he has two! *shudder*), I kind of just settle into enjoying my soup.

We end up having a relatively interesting conversation – seems he’s a very active/busy guy – bikes to work, involved in Martial Arts, modelling, a little bit of acting on the side, makes video blogs, can do cool soccer tricks (showed me another video on his phone), can speak a bit of Korean because he lived there for a year teaching English as a Second Language, is confident he can win top prize for a “tough mudder” type race. Any.way.

Not really sure he walked away from that lunch knowing much about me – I don’t really remember if he asked me any questions apart from where have I travelled to, how come I had an English accent, and where my name was from. Ah well. Says he can show me some cool hidden spots in the city – I say like which ones – he says a post office on the 9th floor of Macy’s. Blank stare… I was half expecting to hear words like “speakeasy”, “cool artist’s studio”, blah blah blah. That fell flat.

We wrap up and are headed back into the office; we bump into a colleague in the elevator and I’m excited telling her I found an apartment to live in. He stays quiet, and when the lift stops on the 2nd floor for her to exit, he runs out… but my desk is on the 3rd floor! I mean I didn’t think the “date” went swimmingly, but not even a proper goodbye? I was blindsided. Ah well, dear Jeremiah, though it may have been short, it was (somewhat) sweet. I will (maybe) see you in the halls and smile, and if you want to do lunch again and/or show me any other “hidden spots” in the city, I’ll say yes (why not?) but alas, down the romantic path, I fear this will not go.

The End.

Blind date tragedy… of the Commons.

Crazy in the City… every city, everywhere.


Oh, and I’m talking about myself. I’m the crazy 🙂 there’s always something random happening to me, about which I can usually laugh at myself (not always at the time), and for which my friends and family definitely do laugh at me.

And most times, they deserve a glass of wine afterwards… yes, no judgement; even at midday. Ok, fine, theoretically… I don’t even think I could drink a glass of wine at midday anymore, and last weekend I went out for dinner, had one glass of wine, and felt it right down to my pinkies the day after. So maybe not everyyyyy situation, but you get my point.

Enjoy reading all the crazies, and hopefully getting to know me a little along the way!

CrazyDiz x

Crazy in the City… every city, everywhere.